EnerProcess supplies a large array of modular heater treater packages capable of treating low API crude.

The heating section consists of fire tubes which are used to heat the produced fluids to the appropriate treating temperature. The produced fluids enter above the fire tubes and are directed downwards until they are distributed in the heating section. Associated gas leaves the vessels through a back pressure controller valve and the free water is removed from the bottom of the vessel. The heating process fluid then passes through the surge section and into the coalescing section of the treater. The oil passes through the coalescers where it is removed at the top as treated oil. The treated water is removed from the bottom of the treater.

  • Indirect fired heaters with single or multi-pass removable coils

  • Indirect fired heaters with or without separators

  • Salt bath heaters

  • Direct or indirectly fired heat medium heaters

EnerProcess's Heater Treaters offer:

  • Simple, Skid Modular Design for easy installation and quick start up on site

  • Fully automated BMS to safely and efficiently operate the treaters

  • Custom design packages to suit any requirements

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