EnerProcess’ customers benefit from our numerous strategic partnerships. We work with selected qualified flare manufacturing companies worldwide to offer unique customized solutions to each specific requirement. With in-house flare sizing expertise, heat dispersion modelling software and our partnerships with qualified flare manufacturers, we are able to fabricate, install and commission flare systems around the world.

product range includes both Utility Flares and Air Assisted Flares for smokeless combustion and supporting equipment which includes Flare Control Panel (Standard and Explosion Proof Options) and Pilot/Ignitor Assemblies (installed with fixed and retractable options).

All Flare Packages are in line with customer requirements and various industry standards.

Flare packages are designed in compliance with the following standards where applicable:

  • API 521 - Guide for Pressure-Relieving and De-Pressuring Systems

  • ASME B31 Standards of Pressure Piping

  • ASME Section VIII Divisions 1 and 2

  • Local Environmental Regulations

flare packages