EnerProcess' engieering team has extensive process design and modular engineering experience, building and delivering oil & gas processing and treating facilities. We excel in both pre engineered and custom designed solutions using open art technology and proprietary designs. When combined with EnerProcess’s broad family of midstream products and in house engineering services, you can count on us to deliver a profitable project time after time.

Hydrocarbon dew point refers to the temperature at any pressure range or the pressure at any temperature range where hydrocarbons begin to condense from the gas mixture. At the same temperature, heavier hydrocarbons’ dew point temperature increases as the pressure is reduced. Hydrocarbon dew point control (HCDPC) can be used for the extraction of NGL from gas streams. Depending on the product requirements and the gas stream specifications, EnerProcess provides customized HCDPC packages to meet our customer's’ requirements.

hydrocarbon dew point control