Raw gas often cannot be used to fuel the gas engines or gas turbines driving pipeline compressors due to poor quality. Significant concentrations of H2S and/or C3+ will cause corrosion and carbon build-up in the gas engine. CO2 and nitrogen will lower the BTU value. Any of these impurities can compromise engine operation, increase downtime or at a minimum put emissions out of compliance. Their presence in the raw gas can even render the gas unusable as fuel so expensive diesel has to be trucked in. Benefits Removes heavy components such as C3+ to clean up fuel gas Increases recovery of liquids Reduces gas engine NMHC (non Methane Hydrocarbon) Emissions Removes significant portions of acid gases such as H2S and CO2 that will reduce acid formation in the turbine or engine exhaust and reduce emissions Operates at ambient conditions with no external heating required to prevent hydrate formation Decreases maintenance costs and reduces unscheduled downtime
fuel gas conditioning